Wednesday, 16 September 2015

In-between fieldwork

You only live once and it's fundamental you make the most of it.

Or so I tell myself.

I'm therefore trying to squeeze a little bit of exploring while I'm in Australia. Posts titled "In-between fieldwork" will contain photos and information about what I managed to get up to. Not particularly scientific or academic, but here is proof that even when you are exhausted and crazy-busy you can fit "life" into your schedule.

Feel free to skip the posts, otherwise - enjoy as I did!

And on with the story...

While I'm in Oz I have access to a bike, but not a car, so trips further out would prove rather difficult. I'm interested in birds, parrots particularly, but I wasn't quite sure where I should go besides my field site - where can I see the most in a relatively short period of time and which of those places are accessible by bike?

Here enters COG: Canberra Ornithologists Group. I have emailed them asking for advice on places known to be good for birding in the area. They have completely exceeded my expectations: several people have offered not only advice, but offered to actually take me birding, share their expertise and even drive out of the city to many of the nature reserves that surround Canberra. This is kindness I won't be able to repay and I feel very grateful for all their time and effort.

I hope you enjoy future posts and photos of Australian fauna and flora!

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