Friday, 25 September 2015

In-between fieldwork: Parrot photos

I have a group of friends interested in parrots and they wouldn't forgive me if there were no photos up - so here they come! I'll clearly title all parrot posts as such, so, if you are not mad like we are, you can easily skip them.

How can anyone resists the beauty of parrots? They are so incredibly photogenic too!

Out of the three species presented below gang gangs are the hardest to photograph, as they tend to sit rather high up in the eucalyptus trees and rarely come down to the ground. Getting a nice angle on them and capturing the face aren't always possible. If that wasn't tricky enough, their grey plumage + shadows from foliage above/around them aren't an ideal combination either. I'm still trying to get some decent shots.

On the other hand this photo was taken on my first morning here and out of my bedroom window. It was the loud screech of flying-by cockatoos that woke me up, but those guys foraging just outside more than made up for it.

All of this would probably be a bit easier if I actually knew how to use my camera... I just bought a new one recently and I'm still figuring it out (no previous photography experience). It's nothing fancy, a little bridge camera. Any wildlife photography tips would be appreciated. For instance how do I deal with stunningly white cockatoos, often sitting on white-barked eucalyptus trees and posing against a clear, bright sky?

In this one a little shade went a long way in helping with all the whiteness, but I don't get this lucky all the time.

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