Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Confirmation: Feedback report

I have received an official report summarising my viva. It's nice to have it all on paper!
It sounds like I should have given more background during my talk and made sure that I'm putting my analyses in context ("presentation lacked a bit of context"). I need to explain better where there are holes in our knowledge and where the field is lacking data. I should point out how the questions I'm asking and the analyses I'm carrying out fill in those gaps. Fair enough!

The report ends with a note that "the meeting was very successful and the committee has no hesitation" about me progressing :]  Yay :]

Saturday, 1 August 2015

August = month off!

In the name of work-life balance, batteries-recharging, mental health and fun my partner and I are taking the entire month of August off and going on a little adventure :]

As I haven't really had the time to plan the entire holiday in detail, I tried to sort out some nice stop over places for the first few days to break up the drive  and we can go from there.

So the general plan is to drive down through France, stopping at Foret d'Orient to enjoy the wildlife, then driving on to Domaine de la Dombes where we can have a look around multiple lakes and visit Parc des Oiseaux. From then we can drive onto Italy, probably stopping somewhere on the way. We will spend some time in Liguria, doing a bit of walking, rock climbing and visiting the coast. I'm quite excited about Italian food too! Once we had a bit of a rest we shall move on and drive further into Italy, ending up in Dolomites where we can do more climbing.

We leave today! See you later :]