Friday, 12 February 2016

We created a monster, a #wildbum monster

It started innocently enough. It always does.

Yesterday evening @AnneHilborn was posting photos of questionable quality - we all have those. Those where we tried and tried and the subject is not in focus, but instead a random bit of grass or a flower is chosen by the camera as "the most worthy" element.

I shared some of my blurry fairy-wren bum photos, I have tons of those. Anne liked them. I thought wait-a-minute I have a great bum-photo. A photo of a Musk duck displaying and showing off his bum to the ladies*

@Lee__Mc and Anne have joined with the hashtag. With their networks it didn't take long for the bums to start streaming in. Biologists love a good laugh and finally there is use for all those less-than-perfect shots. Moral of the story: always keep some bum photos to hand!

My first trending hashtag ever is #wildbum. Go me!

Have a look through #wildbum photos and pick your favourites. We have bums from all over the animal kingdom and the world - and new bums are still coming in! We have cute ones and colourful ones and spiky ones. Big and small, feathery and scaly. You name it. We have it. And it all started with one bum.

There are too many awesome bums out there, but if you need a few recommendations check those out:

Windy bum: ‏@dancingmonkey11
Disco bum: @nyuprimatology
Spiny bum: @LizMarchio
Shy bum: @am_anatiala
Arachnid bum: @Cataranea

What is your favourite #wildbum?


2016-02-12: BuzzFeed picked up #wildbum - here. I have seen similar text pop up in other places later.

2016-02-17: Huffington Post have been in touch about it too.
2016-02-21: Huffington Post on wildbum! click

* there are no ladies. This little guy is all alone on that lake. The Australian pelican does not seem to be persuaded by the bum-awesomeness.

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