Wednesday, 17 February 2016

List or Reminders Check

A year ago, in January, prompted by all the new year resolutions I shared my List of Reminders with you. Those aren't resolutions or goals, but more areas of my life to which I want to pay attention, which I want to keep in check. I return to it every few months to see how I'm doing - I probably should write about it here more often. A couple of examples below.

The areas are Climbing & Exercise, Drawing & Painting, Reading (for pleasure), Socialising & Culture, Meal planning + Cooking & Baking, Meditation, Blogging.


A couple of checks ago I felt like reading has taken a huge hit. I tried to establish a good routine of reading before bed, but I am one of those people who fall asleep as soon as they are vaguely horizontal, so I can only manage about 10 minutes before dozing off. That's better than nothing, I suppose, and what I found helpful is reading books that are split into small chapters (e.g. recently I read the first three books of the "A song of Ice and Fire" series and now I'm having a break from them and reading the "2001: A Space Odyssey"). I know a lot of people read when they commute, but it gives me headaches and I haven't figured out a better system than reading before bed.


I really would like to blog more regularly. I'm having trouble figuring out what to blog about though - I make a weekly "lab" journal and describe my work and progress there, so don't feel the need to do it here too. But maybe it would be of use to others? At the moment I'm thinking of trying a mix of my in-between fieldwork posts, general work update/progress posts and occasional posts on broader topics.

Drawing & Painting 

In November, while doing another check, I realised that I haven't drawn anything in ages. I think because I don't practice, the frustration of being rubbish at it was taking its toll and I kept putting it off and off. So I did a bit of research, signed up to lots of Fb painting groups and I figured I'd try watercolours. I since got a sketchbook, bought some supplies and signed up to an online watercolour school. It's not going half bad! Have a look at my pear*:

*Painting produced using an online video tutorial at Anna Mason’s Online School

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