Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Confirmation: Report handed in!

Pheeeeeew, confirmation report done!

It's now in the hands of my thesis committee consisting of: my primary and secondary supervisors, person who will replace my current primary supervisor next year (she is relocating to Oz), my Australian supervisor and my adviser. They have two weeks to read and assess it. Then we shall all meet (well, except for my Australian supervisor, as he is all the way Down Under) and discuss it.

The meeting is often referred to as a first year viva and I wonder just how viva-like it will be. I will need to prepare a presentation and give a talk about my progress so far and future plans, after which I will be questioned by the committee on the contents of my talk and report. They are supposed to assess my progress over the past 10 months and decide whether I am a good PhD candidate and able to get a thesis together in a timely fashion. If they are happy I can continue doing my PhD. If not... ciao!

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