Sunday, 29 March 2015

SCAB conference

Yesterday I went to the Scottish Conference on Animal Behaviour (SCAB) at the University of St Andrews. It's still very early in my PhD and I was unsure whether I'd have enough for a good talk, so I decided to present a poster. I think it was a good call that allowed me to enjoy all the brilliant talks without feeling stressed.

I enjoyed the day and was really impressed by everyone presenting. The talks included: use of landmarks in hummingbirds, information use and transit in nuthatches, cognition and nest building in birds, morphometrics of tools used by crows... And even observational learning in African Greys!*

My poster won the best poster prize** too! First poster presented at a conference :] Pretty chuffed :]

*parrot geek here
**chocolates. One should always be fed chocolates for presenting stuff!

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