Thursday, 28 March 2013

Hello & Disclaimer

So here I am.

Who am I?

I'm a fledgling behavioural ecologist/evolutionary behaviourist... Not quite sure how to classify myself at this point in time or where the next few years will take me. I'm passionate about wildlife conservation. Birds (parrots in particular) are my favourite animals and preferred study system.

I study full-time and have 2-3 part time jobs to support myself during my time at the University. I try to have a life in-between it all. I'm a keen rock climber, even if I'm not a strong one. I enjoy the great outdoors and wish I could cook/bake more and read more outside my degree.

Why am I here?

I process out loud. I love to talk. I don't think that forcing my friends to listen to me all the time is fair though. I'm hoping that I can get it out of my system here when needed. Maybe some of the things I say will be of some use to someone out there? Who knows.

What will I blog about?

I'd like this blog to be about science and "student life" from an academic point of view, progression through university, associated challenges, possibly a bit of research, lab and fieldwork, science outreach, women in science... As a student I often feel a little lost and confused. My brain gets stuck on problems and goes over them over and over again. Maybe blogging will help to make some sense of it all.


I have a tendency to talk a bit randomly and use mental shortcuts. I will try my best to be coherent and hopefully will get better with time, but please do not try to "catch me out" on semantics. I usually mean well.

The views on this blog are mine and are true at the time of writing. I consider myself open minded  and do change my mind if new convincing evidence comes to light. I'm always keen to learn something new and I'm happy to hear what others have to say on the matters discussed.

Lastly: I'm busy. We all are. I'm not sure how often I will be able to write, so I make no promises right now.

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